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Dealing With Probate Can Be Time-Consuming And Draining

After a person dies, ownership of their property, assets and personal effects must be passed on to the beneficiaries listed in the will, if there is one. “Probate” is the legal name given to this process, however, not everyone’s assets will be subject to probate. The team at the Law Offices of Ginger R. Lore helps clients throughout Florida navigate the sometimes complicated process of finalizing your loved one’s affairs after they die. We are here to answer your questions and offer you the compassionate representation you deserve.

Solving Estate-Related Matters Effectively And Efficiently

During probate, the decedent’s property and assets are gathered and accounted for. Debts, creditors and estate taxes are paid, and the remaining property and assets are distributed to the beneficiaries. If there is a will, the will must be verified as the valid, final dispositive statement of the decedent (the official record of the deceased person’s final wishes). The will names the person or institution appointed to manage the probate process. If a person passes without a will, the “intestacy” laws of the state of Florida will control how the person’s assets will pass.

While it is possible to take care of many of these things on your own, hiring an experienced attorney is in your family’s best interest. Any mistakes can delay the process and cost the estate more money. We aim to eliminate potential errors and speed things along. For your convenience, we have compiled a checklist of things to do after a loved one passes away. You can download it here: checklist. We can help you with all of your concerns, from beginning to end.

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