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The team at Law Offices of Ginger R. Lore helps clients throughout Florida who need assistance creating or updating their estate plan. Understandably, many people become overwhelmed by the thought of life after death. With the right lawyer by your side, you can feel confident about the choices you are making. We offer compassionate service to those who are in search of proper guidance.

What Is An Estate Plan? Do I Need One?

Estate planning is the process through which you can determine how your property should be transferred after you have passed away. Through estate planning, you can set forth your wishes as to how you would like your affairs to be handled if you become ill or incapacitated, as well as your wishes with respect to end-of-life medical care. A good place to start is to establish a will. This legal document clearly expresses how your assets are distributed. For some, a trust is also a good idea. Many different kinds of trusts provide a variety of tax benefits. We can explain which type of trust will be most beneficial based on your circumstances.

Florida is home to people who are originally from all over the country. After moving, it is important to know that different states have different rules. Because of this, if you have an existing estate plan, it becomes crucial to update your wishes. It’s also imperative that you do so after a significant life change, like a divorce, marriage or adoption. While everyone should create an estate plan, it is highly recommended that people who have numerous, high assets establish an estate plan as soon as possible. This is done to protect their business interests, stocks, pensions and homes. Our team can clearly explain your options and discuss the ways to move forward.

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We represent clients from all walks of life, at all stages of life. From creating a will to navigating the probate process, we are here to help. Work with a professional team that takes the time to become familiar with you, your goals, values and concerns. To schedule a consultation, call our office in Winter Garden at 407-663-5889 today. You can also complete our online contact form to initiate a confidential consultation.